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If a coin pumps for 100% every Grid Bot will show a nice "Grid Profit", but in reality everyone making a simple Limit-Sell, or Trailing Stop Order, would have been way better off, than anyone running a Grid. Grid Trading is for when the market moves sideways → A Pair that has MANY and HUGE Ups and Downs, while its average price doesn’t change much over a longer period, is most certainly a GOOD pair for Grid Trading. For example: if the price when you started the grid is ~ the same as the current price AND your grid made 5% it is a "good" grid (it really made 5%) If the current price is 20% higher than the start price of your grid and your grid made 10% it would have been better to just do 1 limit sell order >"not so good" grid. a high "Grid Profit" means NOTHING! (Keep that in mind) always try to use a price range, which will hold for a while (at least a few days, better weeks) making profitable short time grids and canceling + remaking them hourly/daily is a bad strategy, even though it always shows you a good % grid profit. (Most of the time it’s a bad idea to recreate it then) did the grid bot run for a while, or was it created only a few hours ago (long time grids, which have been running successfully for days/weeks, have more success when being recreated, than a short time grid which already "had their time") did the pair go up and down a few times while the bot was running, or did it run steadily in one direction. Regardless of how your grid goes, you will always sit on one of the 2 assets! don’t invest in trx/eth if you think either TRX OR ETH will be dead in 2 years) (Grid trading profits from the ups and downs in the market, if a pair doesn’t do that it’s almost always better to use another strategy or pair) only invest and run grid bots on pairs, on which you think BOTH sides of the pair have a future. to evaluate if a grid is good, you need to look at more than just the grid profit. If people post Screenshots of their Grid profits, or you find a strategy in "Copy Trade" and think about recreating the Grid, check this first: -did the pair just pump for more than the grid profit shown? If you cancel and remake your grid because the price pumps/dumps out of your Grid-Price range >you make some loss which you don’t see.

Another factor crypto trade bot as to why this is a good strategy in a "ranging sideways market" is because the dips and peaks tend to be quite close together and crypto trade bot bot rather often, which means there can be more sets of trades in the same amount of time as there can be in other types of markets.

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