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With Bookmap, you don’t need to worry about paralysis by analysis. The data feeds are fully configurable and information is delivered in easily digestible charting tools, crypto bot heatmaps, volume bubbles, and volume profiles. Is there an easy way to upload this info? The bots buy and sell repeatedly so entering every single trade will be a nightmare! So the Kucoin API isn't great, I've downloaded CSV files of all my trades/withdrawals and deposits but I've only just found out that neither the API or CSV options include profits or losses from trading bots.

Em certo sentido, o grid trading é comprar na baixa e vender na alta entre dois tokens, enquanto o Smart Rebalance é fazer isso entre todos os tokens em seu portfólio. Digamos que a porcentagem do seu portfólio mudou de 40% — 30% — 30% para 45% — 30% — 25% , o bot irá então vender alguns Bitcoins para reduzir sua porcentagem de 45% para 40% , enquanto isso compra alguns KCS para levar de volta para 30% . Então, o que realmente acontece no rebalanceamento? TradeSanta offers its users to set the profit targets and close the positions at the best possible moment.

imageUnlike quite a few other crypto trading bots on this list, TradeSanta is completely free. It is available as a standalone app on both iOS and Android. Monthly price range for crypto bots is from 0$ to $99. If you are unsure whether you want to use a bot or not, start with a free account (yes, you will probably have limited features) and see if you want it useful. Our advice is – the larger your account is, the more it makes sense to use a bot.

You can customize your crypto trading bot to execute trade orders on your behalf according to certain specifications. Crypto trading bots are automated tools that help you as a crypto trader conduct your trading and execute transactions using some technical indicators. Como a maioria de nós dificilmente pode prever a queda real do mercado, o DCA pode ajudar a otimizar nosso preço médio de entrada na maioria dos casos. Resumindo, este bot irá comprar automaticamente uma certa quantidade de token pré-escolhido em um momento específico definido pelo investidor.

Por exemplo, compre $50 em BTC às 8:00 todos os dias para aumentar lentamente seus holdings. Our Multibook crypto trade bot trading software delivers more data, to give you more trading opportunities and better crypto trading signals. By limiting yourself to just one exchange you may be missing out on important market information. There’s even an API for crypto trading. Click here for full details on all of Bookmap’s stand-out features.

imageBookmap also features many more crypto trading analysis tools including the Large Lot Tracker, Imbalance Indicator, Strength Level Indicator, Correlation Tracker, and Iceberg Order Detection. Exchanges : Kucoin, Livecoin, CEX.

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